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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  September 9, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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right now on "nbc 10 news today," bearing down. florida is less than 24 hours away from hurricane irma's expected landfall. today the rush is on to get out of its path. irma lashed cuba overnight. the wind and drenching rain are a sign of what is to come when the killer hurricane comes calling on the u.s. mainland. deadly crash. we're learning more about a helicopter that went down in burlington county killing a pilot and a country singer. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:00. we have a lot to get to including hurricane irma. but first we are following
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breaking news out of the lehigh valley. a police officer is in the hospital after being shot in whitehall town shin. th individu we're working to learn more about how it all unfolded.shin. we're working to learn more about how it all unfolded. we have a crew on the way. and now more on the latest path of hurricane irma. krystal klei is tracking the storm this weekend and also our weather. >> yeah, and we're very lucky to have some quiet calm weather this weekend, so we'll start with hurricane irma. the update to the track and conditions of irma are just coming into the computer right now. so ten mints from now, i can bring you the latest update. but infrom a couple hours ago, 160-mile-per-hour winds moving to the west at 12 miles per hour. we are waiting when the turn to the right will hit and the movement to the north will edge toward florida.
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but at this point still movement to the west. the track shows that it has just brushed up against cuba making a landfall in cuba as a category 5 hi hurricane. it will ride the cuba coastline through our saturday. but the rain is already starting to move into florida as we speak. so it will progress to the north throughout the day. and then from a category 4, here is a look at the extended track. so sunday at 2:00, right against that southern tip of florida to monday at 2:00 a.m., right against the western coast. but look at the cone. still some wobble room depending on the turn right over the entire state which indicates the whole state under a major threat. it will continue to move to the north it looks like passing through georgia as we go into tuesday. so there is a look at radar and satellite. and we have the rain bands starting to brush up against parts of key west and the southern most tip of florida. this will continue to move to the north as date progresses
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today and already we have watchings and warnings in place. bahama islands are likely to get a harsh hit. and here is our neck of the woods. it's clear today. coming up, we'll talk more about what you can expect locally neighborhood by neighborhood. all morning we will be tracking hurricane irma as it moves closer to florida. as krystal just told us, it made landfall in cuba late last night. right now it's still a few hundred miles off the coast and could hit the florida keys sometimes tomorrow morning. the storm has strengthened back to a category 5. more than 5 million people in florida have been ordered to evacuate. that makes it one of the largest evacuations in u.s. history. irma is spochresponsible for att 23 deaths this week. emergency officials are telling people it's a little too late to leave florida, so a lot of folks are waiting in long lines to get
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into shelters. yesterday they tried to get last minute flights at the airport. by the end of the weekend, the entire state could feel the impaki impact of hurricane irma. jay gray is in ft. lauderdale where residents are bracing for the powerful storm. >> reporter: sunset on the edge of irma. a quiet evening ahead of what forecasters say could be a catastrophic weekend. >> hurricane irma continues to be a threat that will devastate the united states. >> reporter: florida is the primary target of the massive storm that stretches across an area bigger than the state. home improvement stores are running out of supplies, grocery store shelves are e, too, as preparations continue. >> do tgot a to be ready. the price you pay for living in florida. >> reporter: but the cost of this storm could be overwhelming. >> we are running out of time. the storm is almost here. if you are in an evacuation
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zone, you need to go now. this is a catastrophic storm that our state has never seen. >> reporter: officials have lost what could be the largest mass evacuation inhistory, but getting out is getting more difficult. airports are closing. bus routes canceled. >> i can't even get a bus. >> reporter: roads are packed and gas is tough to find. south beach and other cities e virtually empty, still there are some who decided to stay. >> i think we'll hang it out and hunker down and take it easy. >> reporter: a dangerous decision because forecasters warn nothing about irma will be easy. jay gray, nbc news, ft. lauderdale. >> as hurricane irma roars toward florida, fear is growing for those who can't get out of the storm's path. and for their loved ones.
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elana's home is sealed. she moved there after livinging in new jersey. her family decided to ride out the storm this weekend. >> hunker down with our food and our water and my three dogs and my sister and my niece. >> and we spoke to a cape may county mother who is waiting to hear from her daughter who is on the islands of tortola. you can count on nbc 10 to bring you updates. on the app you can follow the latest track and seen up to have news alerts sent straight to your phone. this morning mexico has its hands full with tropical storm katia. it made landfall as category 1 hurricane. it had winds, drenching rains and storm surge. and mexico is beginning to recover from a massive earthquake that hit off the country's southern coast yesterday. at least 61 people are dead. the quake was strong enough to shake and damage buildings in
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mexico city, some 650 miles away from where the quake struck. the magnitude 8.1 earthquake wiped out power to nearly 2 million people. in other news this morning, tributes are pouring in for country music star troy gentry and his pilot who both died in a helicopter crash in south jersey. it went down in about your libu county near the flying w airport where he was supposed to perform a concert as part of the montgomery gentry. witnesses say there was a throttle issue. >> as it was making its approach, it dropped suddenly. >> you could literally see it fall. >> music stars like blake shelton, kenny rogers and travis trit took to social media to post tributes. billy ray cyrus dedicated his show to gentry. friends of the pilot james robinson say he was very
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experienced and had a passion for flying. 5:07. and this morning we are tracking hurricane irma as it is headed to florida. still ahead, the heart breaking oig destruction that the storm left behind in the caribbean. plus another exciting round of high school football action. we'll have the blitz.
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welcome back. right now radar and satellite over our area, you can see this is a pretty clear picture that we have across the entire area. today will be another lovely day throughout the delaware valley. we're not tracking any rain locally, not tracking any rain nearby either. it's a clear picture all the way through pennsylvania and dropping down south, too. so today a quiet picture for us. that leads to temperatures that will be pretty pleasant, too. currently we're 53 in mounts holly, 56 for philadelphia, 54
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coatesville, and atlantic city you're at 52. in the afternoon, we should make our way into the lower 70s which is still lower than average, but it will be a pretty day. sunny to nmostly sunny. about 67 at 3:00 in the suburbs. and same deal in the lehigh valley. in delaware, cool start, 52 degrees. but we're the a 70 by 3:00. and we should make our way into the low 70s for the official high temperatures. along the jersey shore, sunny and low 70s for on our highs in the afternoon. let's talk a little more about the shore and our delaware beaches. we will talk high temperatures first. notice along the line here, we have a lot of low 70s. 72 atlantic city, avalon at 71, rehoboth beach, 70. uv index is at a high 6, so this isn't the worst, but make sure that you will be using sunscreen. surf at 3 to 4 feet. and rip current risk is high. so that means staying out of the
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water is the best plan. we'll talk more about that and a look at irma more closely with that updraated track coming up. and speaking of irma, we're getting a closer look at what the folks in the sunshine state can expect from the newest images of the devastation in the caribbean. that is coming up. if you're anything like me,
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karate practice or my favorite... back at the doctor's office. knowing before you go means more quality time sewing a costume for the school play that is not going to look anything like a frog. just a little heads-up, mrs. davis... ha ha ha, yay kids! 5:14 on this saturday. and we're keeping a close eye on hurricane irma. we just found out within the past few moments that this storm has been downgraded to a category 4 from a category 5. but keep in mind it still is very powerful and there is the
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potential that it could kick back up to a category 5 as it moves through warm waters. right now the storm is about 250 miles off the coast of miami. this hurricane is moving at about 12 miles an hour. we're waiting for it to take a turn north toward florida and that could happen sometime later today. the storm already has left a path of destruction after crashing into the caribbean. the turks and caicos and u.s. virgin islands all took a hit. in barbuda, the prime minister are said the storm has damaged 95%, so almost all of the island's buildings. more than 20 people died in the caribbean and now hurricane jose is on its way. floridians are counting the hours until inch makes a direct hit on on the sunshine state. christian cotry is in miami. >> reporter: good morning. check out this popular brand here, almost reliable 24 hours a day, not the same situation here in miami. this gas station just closed. one of a few that were still
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operating here in miami. many of the employees ready to go home to prepare for hurricane irma. i can tell you that we were driving around the neighborhood here and many of the businesses, the homes are already boarded up and closed. a couple folks still driving around trying to get their last minute needs met, whether water, medicine or gas. all items in high demand. the wind is slowly picking up and it's only expected to get worse as hurricane irma is expected to hit miami later tonight. in miami, christian cazares, nbc 10 news. people in our area are coming together to help hurricane victims. later today, pen socken township will be holding a donation drive. you can drop off money, water, clothing it'ses like sock, underwear. keep in mind people in these storms may lose everything. s drive runs from 8:00 to 4:00. if you can looking to drop off
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donations, you can do that at the municipal complex, police department and certain fire stations throughout the area. we'll go back to hurricane irma. you can see bands of rain already starting to extend into florida with the most intense rain starting to edge into the keys in the southern most tip. look at this measurement. florida itself is about 150 miles wide. let's compare that to irma. about 550 miles wide. so the question is not who is going to get hit, but rather who will get hit hardest as it passes through because the whole system will kifr very ea cover entire state. the eyewall has the strongest winds and it is that area right here that typically carries the most damaging and destructive winds. so the area right to the right of where it makes landfall will be the problem zone and most highest in terms of winds.
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but when it comes to heavy rain, storm surge, the whole area under a major threat. right now we have the latest updates on irma. 155-mile-per-hour winds, that is just barely below category 5 threshold at 157 miles per hour. so it could still waiver back to the title 5. it does not matter the title, it will be a dangerous system no matter what. already has caused a lot of destruction and unfortunately deaths. qui winds are moving to the west/northwest at 12 miles per hour. so already we are starting to see the slow curve to the north. it will more obviously turn later today. so take a look at the updrated track. sunday 2:00 a.m., riding the cuba coastline. so this track keeping it at a category 4 strength as it passes over the keys right around the early hours of sunday here. by sunday afternoon, it is starting to move along the
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western coastline of florida. so from monday at 2:00 a.m. near tampa, to tuesday at 2:00 a.m., it's finally moving into georgia and weakening. but unfortunately, this is looking like sunday through monday, florida will get an absolute pounding before you see that it starts to fall apart over parts of tennessee. the winds, another big important focus here, you are looking at the area in red for the hurricane force winds, orange and yellow for tropical storm force winds. while the hurricane force may start to brush against the keys and southern most tip of florida, the whole state is going to be covered by those strongest winds. and forecast rain totals are high. now, this is just one model, but with a foot of rain here miami, tampa, some models are going even higher than this. so this is something that also will be a concern is the flooding conditions that will come from the rain on top of the storm surge. a look at radar and satellite locally, it's a quiet picture for us.
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not a thing to track. hour by hour the rest of today, same thing. we're not tracking anything locally, just sunshine. so it will be a nice day to get outdoors and enjoy yourself. sunday is going to be nice too. 72 for us today, 74 tomorrow in philadelphia. low 70s in the lehigh valley and low 70s at the jersey shore as well. so today and tomorrow, sunny and dry across our region. >> thanks, crystkrystal. get ready for our weekly installment of the best high school football action. the high school blitz is next. frgs
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. marshall harris here. time for the high school blitz. great scene in unionville, a fundraising effort to raise money for those affected by hurricane harvey. this is done specific aboally t help a high school in an area that got hit hard. this sent a video showing their appreciation for the suchts. on the field, unionville
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delivering as well. alex to james who makes the diving grab for the store. unionville wins it 14-6. and northeast vikings cheerleaders -- >> you can't get enough. >> -- trying to help their team, but temp comes out flying. he's all alone for a 55 yard strike and they roll. and olney knocking on the doorstep and their quarterback michael addison decides that he will kick the door in himself. in for the score. taking a few defenders with him. this went to overtime and olney wins. in this one, jim dolan busts a move outside and he is off to the races. ryan shutses out edison 42-0.
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lincoln quarterback airing it out, but mastery has the int and taking it back for the score. mastery wins it 18-6. to south jersey, woodrow wilson visiting highland. wilson's quarterback finds ramos, he dives into the end zone. wilson holds on for the 26-20 win. and college wood's quarterback wishing he could take this throw back. it gets picked off by haddonfield. and that is a 59 yard pick six. haddonfield wins 38-6. and delsey, he turns on the jets and he's in the end zone. but timber creek comes back and wins. time to get a bird's eye view of the action from skylights.
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natural burke south on the board first. they get the win 21-7. meanwhile, council rock north hosting penwood. michael welby scores, but penwood wins. and north penn and bheens bury. 16 yards out for the score. authority pe north penn wins it. and middletown drew fry finds nick johnson in the middle of the field. and johnson was gone. 54 yards to the house. it's how he finishes it off, somersault. flip. smyrna answers. 60 yard burst here, they win it 35-28. here are the contestants for next week. archbishop ryan and father judge, archbishop wood and st.
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joe's prep, or willing are about your rove and west deptford. cast your vote right now for next week's winner. a rivalry renewed. today the pitt panthers will travel to beaver stadium for the first time since 1999. today is the 98th game between pitt and penn state. and the nittany lions are out for revenge. the game gets under way this afternoon at 3:30. 5:27. we continue to follow some breaking news out of the lehigh valley. a police officer shot in whitehall township. we'll have a live report ahead. plus we're tracking hurricane irma after lashing cuba, the massive storm is getting ready to bear down on florida. krystal. and behind me we have the updated track which takes it right along the florida coastline. we'll talk more about the track and what you can expect in terms of winds, rain across florida and what to expect here locally. here is a live view outside. a little breezy this morning.
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we're running out of time. the storm is almost here. >> right now on "nbc 10 news today," getting out. the exodus as people flee hump's expect himp himp hurricane irma expected wrath. and we're also watching breaking news. a police officer shot and wounded. we're live following the unfolding investigation. good mary connors. we have new information on hurricane irma including the latest track that just came down within the past 10, 15 minutes. we get the details from krystal klei. >> so within the last half hour, that rolled in and now we're


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